The Government school children sometimes feel low as the private school students are decked up with tie, belt and badge as part of school uniform. By wearing tie, belt and badge their confidence level may increase and they may feel themselves equal to students of English medium private school.

Targeted Groups:

  • Poor Students

Tie, Belt and Badges to students:

  • Free distribution of tie, belt and badges to the 1000 childrens from below poverty line families studying in Government Schools in Mandal Parishad Pradhamika Pathashala and Zilla Parishad Unnatha Pathashala in Thangadpally and Peepalpahad villages, Telangana State on 23rd July 2016.


  • Free distribution of tie, belt and badge to the 1000 students (50*1000) amounting Rs.50,000/- per year.